Jesus Loves You!

Alyson Kieda —  February 12, 2014 — 4 Comments

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Some of the finest and dearest people I know struggle with believing that God loves them. They believe that they are far too sinful, too unlovable, or too unworthy to be loved by God. They have received Jesus as their Savior but still doubt that His love extends to them. They have no trouble believing that He loves everyone else, but they just can’t fathom the idea that God could possibly love someone like them—someone so undeserving.

Once upon a time, I was one of them. I struggled with my sinfulness, with the ugly words I spoke and with the ugliness inside me. How could God love me, I reasoned, when I failed to live up the standards of what a Christian should be?! I was such a lowly worm.

Thankfully, I now have complete assurance that God loves me—even me! Why? Is it because I’m sinning less and growing more like Him? Nope. Is it because I’m serving in my church? No, not even that. Have I done something to deserve His love? No and no again.

Even though I’m a Christian, I continue to sin. I am totally undeserving of God’s love. Yet I know that “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us!” (Romans 5:8). That’s the key. God loves us because He chose to love us—not because of how lovable we are but because He is the God of love. He loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us, to pay the debt for our sins (past, present, and future) that we could never pay. Because of what He did, I am considered righteous in His eyes.

It’s a simple yet profound truth that so many fail to grasp—or believe. But I know it’s true. The Bible tells me so, and the Spirit inside me confirms that truth: Jesus loves me. And if you have received Him as your Savior, He loves you too!

Alyson Kieda

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Alyson has been a staff editor since 2005. She serves for a variety of Our Daily Bread Ministries publications, including Our Daily Bread. Alyson and her husband, Alan, have three adult children and three grandchildren.

4 responses to Jesus Loves You!

  1. Hi Alyson,

    Thanks for reminding us that God’s love is for sinner, He came to earth for sinner.
    even, I had same thought whether god loves me because I’m under going health problems since it all happen because of sins which I did perviously so God puinsh me a lot.

    Any way now out of that sinfull world now trying to be god’s child.


  2. Terrence, it made my heart sad for you to think that your sickness is a result of God’s punishment. Jesus took God’s punishment for us out of His great love. We may have to serve consequences of bad choices and the sin that remains in this world but to me it is not punishment of an angry God. We have healing and help to go through the trials we face and it is called grace. We can now live as one dearly, faithfully and fully loved looking up to Jesus and not to our bodies that are decaying.

  3. Hi, Terrence,

    God loves you! I agree that sometimes our health problems can be a result or consequence of our previous wrong choices, but they are not God’s punishment. God may discipline believers but he doesn’t punish us. He paid the price and received the punishment for our sins on the cross!

    Keep reading the Word.


  4. Very well said Alyson. Amen! Thank you for defending a truth that is so hard to grasp… even believe at times. The Bible says so. And we can believe it. :-)

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