Does God Really Care?

Alyson Kieda —  February 3, 2014 — 3 Comments


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I believe in God the Father and in His Son Jesus Christ my Lord. I hold to the promises of the Bible, and nothing can sway me from those beliefs. But I admit that sometimes I’ve doubted God’s love and His motives.

I’ve wondered why some of my prayers seemed to fall on deaf ears, particularly a certain heart-wrenching prayer I’ve been praying continually and persistently, in varying degrees of intensity, for decades. If it’s true that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16), why won’t He answer this earnest prayer?!

Over the years, I’ve gone through a confusing jumble of thoughts regarding this: Maybe God doesn’t really answer prayer; perhaps I’m not praying hard enough; maybe something needs to change or I need to learn or do something before God will answer; maybe this is a trial God wants to use to purify and refine me. Is this my “thorn in the flesh”? Perhaps God’s answer is “no!” In the beginning, I even wondered if God really is a God of love who cares for His children.

I’ve learned a lot about God through the decades, and He has purified and continues to purify and refine me. And I’ve seen God answer many of my prayers—sometimes miraculously. I’ve grown to trust and rely on Him more for everything I need; and He has become the first love of my life. I know that He deeply loves and cares for me, yet I continue to struggle with the same prayer request . . .

But now my doubt is not as frequent or as despairing. I have the assurance that God will answer my prayer. I’ve learned that I will never fully understand His ways. (All of us this side of heaven see dimly—1 Corinthians 13:12.) And I’m learning to “be still, and know that [He is] God” (Psalm 46:10).

I’m fretting and squirming less and trusting more as I rest in His loving arms—and wait.

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Alyson has been a staff editor since 2005. She serves for a variety of Our Daily Bread Ministries publications, including Our Daily Bread. Alyson and her husband, Alan, have three adult children and three grandchildren.

3 responses to Does God Really Care?

  1. I have to agree that there were and are times when I have doubted God’s care and I fully trust God is able and will work with that doubt when honestly conveyed to Him on my part by experience. I think that is what it is all about a process of learning to trust. Even in the stories in the Bible there seemed to be that same process of working with doubt to bring them to a place of trust and dependence. From the moment I first came to believe I trusted that Jesus went to the Cross for my sins, were they just words or did He really do it for me? From that moment it seems God has started the process to work beyond what I am able to see, touch and feel because that very act of the Cross shows His care beyond anything I thought was possible.

    If I do not get prayers answered the way I think they should be answered I go back to the Cross and with that initial belief, I know God cares. I also believe that God knowing His creation so well works with us through all the processes we go through and does not hold it against us as we honestly share everything that is within our hearts that He is already aware of, we just think it is secret. Experience in trusting and learning of His care is like when we first started driving a car we did not do so good at first now we do it without even thinking about all the things it takes to move together to accomplish the end results. He may have already answered that prayer, I wonder if the next step is to pray for awareness of the answer.

  2. I truly believe God answers the prayers he feels are deserving. I have not had a prayer answered in many years, so many years. I am wracked with heartache and exhaustion. I am truly at the end of my road with life. This is not a blessed or good life.

  3. Please know that God loves His children and will not forsake us. Do not give up. Trust in the promises of the Bible and keep praying and believing. I also suggest talking honestly with a trusted Christian pastor or counselor about your feelings and doubts. Know that you are not alone. You are loved, and He does care.

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