Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Jeff Olson —  December 18, 2013 — 1 Comment

There are many ways for us to get into the Christmas spirit.

Some of us listen to and sing along with our favorite Christmas tunes. Others of us watch Christmas movies or send out Christmas cards to family and friends.

Many of us bring out the Christmas spirit by decorating. We put up a Christmas tree and hang up all sorts of ornaments on its prickly green branches. Those of us who are not too averse to climbing up ladders string lights on the outside of our homes.

100_5401I have one clever friend who gets into the swing of the season by decking out her car with reindeer horns and a bright red nose.

Speaking of reindeer, I invite you to check out this short clip of a YouTube video that has recently gone viral. Claire Koch, who is just five years old, captured hearts across the world (and the essence of the Christmas spirit) when she used sign language in a school Christmas concert so that her deaf parents could understand the lyrics to the songs.

With her little hands and big heart, this adorable child showed what getting into the spirit of Christmas is truly all about.

Even in the smallest of ways, Christmas is about giving. It’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ—our Creator God’s most extraordinary of gift of love and joy—by shining His self-giving love into the lives of others.



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  1. Does God desire us to “get into the Christmas spirit”? Is it wrong to stay away from the trapping of Christmas? Isn’t the “Christmas spirit” mostly warm fuzzies and emotions that people display because is expected of them? This was the first year I did not decorate anything. I did not send cards. I stayed away from the hype because it was just too much and I chose to not get caught up in it this year.

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