The Human Connection

Allison Stevens —  February 15, 2012 — 9 Comments

 I took my little dog for a walk this morning. It’s unseasonably warm where we live, so I thought I really should get out with Lely and enjoy nature a bit.

 I love the outdoors—the trees, birds, squirrels, sunrises, sunsets, storms, sunshine, mountains, oceans. I love it all. And sometimes its beauty can bring me to tears. Do you know what I mean?

 And I love my dog.  She’s sweet, cute, and a little cuddler. She’s my buddy, always following me around the house and settling in near me. She knows I’m the one who caves when she begs for food, so during meals she is always by my side with her paw on my leg. It’s kind of annoying, but it’s my fault so I can’t complain.

Even though I love my dog and I love and appreciate nature, I felt the pangs of loneliness on my walk. Neither the chirping of the birds nor the presence of Lely was able to assuage it. I don’t really know what caused my feelings, but they were real. I guess it was just a little too isolated for me.

Then a sweet lady came around the corner with her little dog and we chatted for about 15 seconds. Then, as we talked, a bicyclist came by and complimented my dog on her new hairdo. (She has cute red bows in her hair, and it is adorable!) The lady and I smiled and wished each other a good day and went our separate ways.

I noticed as I walked away that there was a new pep in my step. I felt exhilarated. I was energized because of my communication with people. It was the connection with a woman I didn’t know and a man on a bike who simply commented on my dog’s haircut that helped alleviate some of that moaning in my soul.

So simple, yet the impact for me was profound. We are made for each other.

Will I feel lonely again? Of course, we all do from time to time. But this morning was a poignant reminder of how important people are to our mental and emotional well-being. Sure, some of us need “alone-time” more than others, but we are designed for human connection.

Genesis 2:20-24 talks about how God’s other parts of creation didn’t quite fit Adam. He needed another person (Eve) to touch his heart in a way that a lion or a fruit tree couldn’t. To me, this passage is not only a tribute to marriage, but also a reminder that we best represent the fullness of God’s character in relationship with one another. We need close and intimate connections; we need true friendship.

Allison Stevens

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9 responses to The Human Connection

  1. Beautiful! That is so true and makes me happy! We have all been there! 😀

  2. I would like to receive the Our Daily Bread daily devotional at the above email address. How can I get that?

  3. That story was beautiful and I too can relate this. Thank You

  4. I was a joy to read your walk and talk morning.

    I walked my dog that very morning and spoke with strangers and the views from the high cliff of the sea and shore was well worth the walk. Since walking the dog it seems people like to great you more often. Lovely.

  5. Awe, so cool that you, too, had the same experience. Except that I wish I had a view of the ocean! God bless

  6. Beverly Mercader February 23, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    You’ve described perfectly me. I’ve truly felt related to every word you’ve said; I’ve almost came to believed that it was me who wrote that blog! Thank you, Alison for sharing! God bless

  7. I have a 20 year old college son, who is shy and interverted who struggles daily with loneliness. He has no friends and can not bring himself to make them. He is angry with God, so the prayers for his happiness come from me. We need to remember to pray for others that they find the happiness that we all seek.

  8. My son has become a social dropout, somkes pot and is angry and bitter. I know he is lonely, so prayer is for the Holy Sprit to speak to his heart I pray for your son Kerri

  9. Man is both a spiritual & social being. If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk wit somebod

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