Setting Life Goals

Tim Jackson —  January 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

Okay. So you’ve weathered the holidays and now you’re trying to get back into the swing of things. And, if you’re like me, you’re looking at how to trim away those few extra holiday pounds all the candy, cookies, and fruitcake you consumed have tacked on (Yes, I do like fruitcake. Not the store-bought kind that tastes more like an old brick I dug up from the backyard. My wife makes it from scratch. Now that is good stuff!).

Anyway, I had a little break between Christmas and New Years and I read a great article from a newsletter that comes to me via email that I thought was worth passing on. Mark Batterson, the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. wrote an article for entitled: 10 Steps to Setting Life Goals.

Now, I’ve got to tell you that I’m not big on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon. However, Mark’s article got me thinking about being focused and intentional about what’s most important for the last stretch of my ministry career. I thought it was important enough that I sent it to the people I care about the most–my family. Yep, my wife and kids got the email with a little encouragement from dear old dad.

So, I decided if it’s good enough for them, why not share it with all of you too? After all, you’re kind of like extended family via the web.

So to all of you who read, watch or listen to on the web (or any of the extended family of RBC Ministries), our gift to you in this new year of opportunity is to challenge you, like we’re challenging ourselves, to be more intentional and focused on those efforts that will make significant impact for God’s Kingdom in 2012 and beyond. Mark’s article may well be a good place for you to jump start this process in this first month of 2012.

Then, if you find it helpful, and you make some goals and you feel comfortable sharing them with us, we’d love to hear what God is stirring in your hearts as you look forward and consider how or what He may be calling you to and the redemptive influence you can have for His glory and your joy.

Blessings on you all in this new year.

Tim Jackson

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Tim Jackson is married to his college sweetheart, Cole. They have 3 adult children. Tim is the producer for the website, writes Discover Series booklets on a variety of counseling issues and hosts webinars for RBC Ministries. He's also the founder and president of Still Waters Counseling & Equipping Ministries, PC, a local counseling practice serving individuals, couples and families. When not in the office, you will probably find him up a tree with a bow, in a duck blind or fly fishing on one of Michigan's many rivers.

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