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Our hearts and prayers go out to all those in Japan who’ve been hurt by the earthquake and tsunami. The video of houses being forced off their foundations and cars racing down a river of water is disturbing. The thought of people dying such a terrifying death is even more upsetting. The earthquakes and tsunami caused shocking devastation and as one reporter put it, “what took a few minutes to destroy will take many years to rebuild.” Some of the damage, however, can never be restored on this earth.

That makes me think of the effects of sin in our lives, too.  What took just a moment to do, can take years to rebuild. And some effects of sin are unfixable.

This causes me to think of how sin rips through our lives, cracking our foundations, drowning us in shame, and removing every ounce of self-respect we thought we had.

Like the tsunami and earthquakes, our enemy destroys; kills; and steals (John 10:10.) His rewards are suffering, pain, humiliation, sickness, weakness, and death.

But Jesus came to restore, to heal, and to bring us life. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving us life. He gives life to the fullest extent.

We can resist the power of sin by trusting in Jesus and doing what the Bible tells us to do. Let’s spend our time doing good towards others. Let’s pray for one another, carry each other’s burdens, and help those in need.

Let’s especially pray for the people of Japan. While some are legitimately concerned about the nuclear plants, let’s not forget that many people in Japan are wondering where they will sleep tonight. Families’ frantically search for one another, but travel is difficult and discouraged. It’s cold in Japan; some sleep without blankets, without a bed. They’re cold, hungry, homeless, and scared. Let’s lift up these burdens to our Good Shepherd who knows and cares.

Allison Stevens

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  1. Elizabeth Jaeger March 14, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    The recent disaster in Japan is a wake-up call to all. Life is so transient and there is no guarantee in anything.

    As Christians, we have to be on the alert and live our lives fruitfully by glorifying God always.

    Let us unite in prayers for the victims and their bereaved families.

    Despite what had happened, our God is just and faithful.

  2. Keith E. Edwards March 17, 2011 at 3:52 am

    Let’s also pray for the church in Japan as it ministers in such a terribly difficult set of circumstances in this great tragedy. Only about one percent of Japanese are Christian–but what an opportunity to make a witness to the compassionate, Suffering Servant of God.

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