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Allison Stevens —  February 7, 2011 — 5 Comments

My beef this morning is the way the media portrays men as unintelligent idiots. I’m sick and tired of watching this kind of assault on manhood. 

I’m not a man, so why should I care?

Well, I have a son who I want to grow up to be a responsible, caring, moral man. I don’t want him getting the message that real men only think of sex, beer, sports, and 100 different ways he can escape life.

I have a daughter who I want to grow up expecting more than just a little boy in a man’s body.

And I have a husband who doesn’t fit the image of a man who’s one step away from a Neanderthal.

If I was a man, I’d be offended.  Help me out, guys. I know there are many of you out there who agree that you are more than what Doritos, Bud Light, and Pepsi Max say you are.

Many men can be faithful, thoughtful, intelligent, self-controlled, gentle and patient, too. Don’t get me wrong; they are also adventurous, risk-takers, fighters, and love a good challenge. Men are complicated; we can’t sum them up in a 30-second commercial for sure.  But we shouldn’t be complacent about the negative stereotypes of men that the media promulgates. Women, are we satisfied when we’re portrayed as dumb, gullible, and sex-starved?   I think not.  Let’s show our men the same level of respect.

Allison Stevens

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5 responses to Super Bowl Commercials

  1. Although I find humor in some of these adds I have to agree with you.

    The way the media portrays men in these commericials makes it seem like its OK to be one step away from neandrathal.

    Are we now to believe that men who enjoy sports, Doritos, Pepsi Max, or Bud Light the new “dumb blonde”…

  2. Yes! We need to treat our men LIKE men if we want them to BE men!

  3. Hi again Alison.You hit the nail right on the head.Spousal abuse against men is a huge problem that is finally getting a little bit of attention.I made a post on this issue on another RBC blog….the bit about the couple with hearing problems.
    It is not funny when someone throws a pop can at your head or kicks you hard under the table.That is abuse.The Super Bowl commercials portrayed men as being stupid and punching bags.
    Yelling at a husband in public,using harmful language is abuse.This is not funny.
    You are correct in making sure that your son is educated to make sure he does not become involved with an abusive women.

  4. I agree … most of the mainstream media portrays mean in a bad light. It’s not just commercials … look at the sitcoms and how they represent men now days. I for one have made the decision to cancel my satellite TV service and turn the TV off. The only thing I miss is college football. My neighbor has graciously offered for me to come over and watch the games that I want to see. Simple solution … turn it off.

  5. Don’t buy the products – the tone will change.

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